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I should be in Spain right now. Instead I'm here at home, because my ancient glitchy computer somehow thought I wanted July when I tried to book for May. I thought my trip was finally here and now I have to wait two more months :(

More Anime North

So here we have the 411 on my convention experience.

Money spent: $127.50 for my sisters and I to get in, $122 for food and shopping
Time spent:18 hours
Pictures taken: 143
Manga read: 10
Hugs from total strangers: 63 (plus one glomp)
People who spazzed because I was a kitty: 6
Bought: 5 manga, 5 bookmarks, 6 pins, 1 wallet, 1 frisbee, 3 posters, 4 keychains, 2 sets of cat ears, and 2 tails

All in all, a very good weekend. Lots of fun and hilarity - sometimes unintentional, as when the medical team managed to run right past the girl who had fainted twice. We ended up going back and forth between areas just so we could keep walking through the Free Hugs area; that was probably more contact with strangers than I've had in my entire life. Now I just have to come up with an outfit for next year...
No Good (Hitachiin Twins)

Anime North

I've finally managed to make it to Anime North - and for the whole weekend too. Just thought I'd share a couple of pictures - a handful of the nearly 150 I took.

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Anime North is coming up, and my sister and I have just decided we're going. This year I might actually make it, unlike the past two years when I swore I was going until something came up at the last second. Since we have no money and no time we're just going to dress as catgirls from Count D's pet shop - complete with contracts and price tags. Next year we'll make sure we have plenty of time for decent costumes, but for now we're just excited to be going.
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Don't Meddle (T-chan)

Haven Prologue

I am finally getting around to actually writing my story, but being not at all pleased with what I have so far I am posting it all over the place in hopes of getting some useful reviews. Therefore, I present the prologue of Haven, with chapter one soon to follow.

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I'm 18 now. A legal adult. Can't quite wrap my head around that yet.
Awesome presents this year, including an MP3 player and an XBOX 360, plus loads of cash to add to my Spain fund. Of course, if I don't get around to getting my passport soon it won't matter how much cash I have... I still have to work out an itinerary too. So far all I know is I have to be in Buñol on the last Wednesday of August for La Tomatina. I hate trying to plan this, there's so much I want to see!
And speaking of seeing, my mother's conviction that I can't be happy if I'm not dating someone seems to be spreading to my other relatives. At my cousin's wedding I was forced into a stranger's lap because I wasn't socializing. There's even a picture. 8th one from the top. Note that he has barely allowed me space on one leg and is leaning as far away from me as possible. Poor guy seemed far more embarrassed than I was. Now my mother and my cousin are conspiring to make me get to know him. By the way, to those of you who know me well enough to be amazed by this - if you look closely at those pictures you might actually spot me dancing in one of them.
Also, I have been made aware that in the pictures I look even younger than usual. I am quite used to being mistaken for a 13-year-old by now.
Seeing as this post is merely a way to kill time (I'm bored as hell but it's only 1:45, too early to sleep) I give you fun with Googlisms.
tori is nothing short of phenomenal - Finally, someone acknowledges my greatness.
tori is - Feeling existential, Google?
tori is commonly known in the usa as a cape parrot - What the crap?
tori is doing well and the plan is to have the second surgery - This... does not sound pleasant.
tori is again in a white room - Is this room padded? Can I pretend it is?
tori is just fake - That's not very nice.
tori is in balance and have control over uke
tori is thinking about us - No, actually I'm still thinking about the fact that I'm apparently a parrot.
tori is my goddess - No objections from me.
tori is also the inspiration for the sandman comic character delirium - I wish, Del is awesome!
Oh yes, also wanted to mention that Sweeney Todd is a great movie and Johnny Depp can indeed sing. There is a song full of puns about how various people would taste - how can it not be good?
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Brought to you by Tori's Absolute Boredom... A collection of AMVs representing every song from Avenue Q.
I wish I had a video editing program so I could make AMVs...

It Sucks To Be Me - The Lion King
If You Were Gay - Gravitation
Purpose - Naruto
Everyone's A Little Bit Racist - Bleach
The Internet Is For Porn - Teen Titans
Mix Tape - Fruits Basket
I'm Not Wearing Underwear Today - Yugioh
Special - Ouran High School Host Club
You Can Be As Loud As The Hell You Want - Kingdom Hearts
Fantasies Come True - Loveless
My Girlfriend Who Lives In Canada - Kingdom Hearts
There's A Fine Fine Line - Naruto
There Is Life Outside Your Apartment - Fullmetal Alchemist
The More You Ruv Someone - Tokyo Mew Mew
Schadenfreude - Tsubasa
I Wish I Could Go Back To College - Buffy
The Money Song - Fullmetal Alchemist
For Now - Ouran High School Host Club
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50 Icons

A batch of 50 icons this time. Comment and credit.
13 Weiss Kreuz
7 Tsubasa
6 Gundam SEED
6 Fruits Basket
5 Ouran High School Host Club
5 Fullmetal Alchemist (the Ed ones were done solely to amuse my sister, I know they're stupid)
5 Saiyuki
3 Miscellaneous

1. 2. 3.
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