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Anime North
No Good (Hitachiin Twins)
I've finally managed to make it to Anime North - and for the whole weekend too. Just thought I'd share a couple of pictures - a handful of the nearly 150 I took.

This guy kept vanishing into the crowd whenever we went for a picture. My sister had to chase him down.


I confess, when I saw people dressed as Youji and Natsuo I had to supress a fangirl squeal.

Their wings actually moved.

These poor people were hit by half a dozen camera flashes at once and were so blinded that they all walked into each other.

Worst. Ninjas. Ever.

This is only around 2/3 of the Caramelldansen line.

The Host Club, minus Huni and Mori.

These guys would start dancing whenever they got hugs.

Someone commented that they needed to make an exclamation point sign - and the guy whipped a pre-made one out of his pocket.

Yaoi! Even though the bottom two are actually girls.

And just when you think it can't get any weirder, you spot a guy making out with a giant chicken.


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