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More Anime North
So here we have the 411 on my convention experience.

Money spent: $127.50 for my sisters and I to get in, $122 for food and shopping
Time spent:18 hours
Pictures taken: 143
Manga read: 10
Hugs from total strangers: 63 (plus one glomp)
People who spazzed because I was a kitty: 6
Bought: 5 manga, 5 bookmarks, 6 pins, 1 wallet, 1 frisbee, 3 posters, 4 keychains, 2 sets of cat ears, and 2 tails

All in all, a very good weekend. Lots of fun and hilarity - sometimes unintentional, as when the medical team managed to run right past the girl who had fainted twice. We ended up going back and forth between areas just so we could keep walking through the Free Hugs area; that was probably more contact with strangers than I've had in my entire life. Now I just have to come up with an outfit for next year...

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I'm alive, I'm just not online much because my computer is crap.

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